VA Military Members looking to purchase a House in NJ

VA Military Members looking to purchase a House in NJ

While I was working with a military family over the passed 6 months we hit some roadblocks. Somethings that might help you if you decide to purchase in the future.

We started last March looking for properties. They already owned some homes so we had to make sure they rented those homes out to qualify for another purchase.

VA Military Members looking to purchase a House in NJ

They did do that and started working with a few different mortgage companies. They decided on one that was back in their last duty station. Unfortunately that representative didn’t ask for their information up front and cost them 45 days of uncertainty and almost resulted in them losing the home they were trying to purchase.

I’ve seen this happen many times and it’s frustrating because you can see the mortgage company misstepping  but there’s almost a wall up around then that sometimes won’t let anyone question what they are doing.

In this case the buyers had purchased a car and used a credit card while trying to become qualified and that didn’t help. Always remember not to purchase anything without speaking to your mortgage rep first. Big purchases like cars, boats, any use of credit cards can throw off your scores and then you could put yourself at risk of not getting the home you want!

VA Loan Paperwork

Make sure you get all of your paperwork to your mortgage rep. Taxes, pay stubs, leases for other homes you may own. This will help give them the puzzle pieces they need to see the whole financial picture. Luckily my buyers decided to use someone local who I trust with my buyers and she went through all of their info a second time and got them qualified to purchase their home.
It’s not always an easy process. It can be so frustrating and my buyers want to throw in the towel at times. But don’t! You will more than likely close on the new home and it will seem like a distant memory!!

Call me with any questions you have about using the VA loan, getting in touch with a mortgage agent and looking for a home!

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