3 Things You Need to Know When Moving to a New Area

3 things you need to know when moving to a new area

We were in the military for a long time and when we would move there were many things that I wanted to know about. So many questions. So many things to explore. Where to live, schools, where to work. So many decisions to make as a spouse of a military member. I think the three biggest things that you should inquire about when you’re getting ready to move are: Continue reading “3 Things You Need to Know When Moving to a New Area”

A Little Bio! :)

south jersey Real Estate Agent

South Jersey Real Estate Agent

Hello! My name is Cathy ( Cat to all my friends ) and I have been a licensed Realtor for 12 years. My Husband served 28 years in the US Coast Guard and transferred numerous times with the Military and know how stressful it can be. I have worked with many Military families in my real estate career and have had the pleasure in helping them find a home.  Continue reading “A Little Bio! :)”